She Who Dares

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She Who Dares

Sundown, Inc:

She Who Dares is one of my favorite books from the Sundown Inc Series. She Who Dares has a complexity and fire that I've not seen in a while and made me go do a double take. I loved all the twists and turns and how Masika, an Egyptian and a Dare a Greek warrior find true love in the present day. They have so much in common. They are both really old vampires, hot as hell and they both are ready for something new in their lives.

When Masika was a young girl she was placed in the household of the pharaoh. She was being raised to be a pharaoh's wife. When she had an indiscretion with a guard she was killed and left for the gators. No burial, but luckily a woman saves her. Now Masika walks the earth as a vampire. Masika is very powerful and now works as an undead assassin.

When Masika is commissioned to kill Dare she has to make a hard decision. Does she love Dare or will she be a good little assassin and do her job?

Book Blurb for She Who Dares

There are nights when I seriously wish I'd never risen from the grave.

Undead assassins are one thing, but when the guy I'm commissioned to kill turns out to have the bluest eyes and yummiest butt I've seen since the fall of the Greek Empire (which, incidentally, was the last time I saw him), I start to have second thoughts.

He calls himself Dare, and it's not just his incomparable hotness that's stalling me. Twenty-three centuries ago my body belonged to the pharoah and my heart to a soldier. Both of them betrayed me. It was only Dare who tried to save me...

She Who Dares

...because seriously, who sleeps in a coffin these days?

"Publisher's Note: This title is part of a series -- books which share a universe, but do not need to be read in order, and can be read independently from one another."

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00