Lucifer's Angel

Gabriel, a Chicago cop, has lost his partner. He blames himself for his partner's death. Gabriel takes off on his bike and travels around the USA. He is a troubled soul seeking help and he finds this help in Mariah.

Mariah is a small town girl with a hidden wild side. She teaches school and owns a house out in the country. One day her car breaks down. She is without a cell phone. Gabriel drives up on his bike looking like the devil himself. He gives Mariah a ride home and the sexual sparks fly from there.

Mariah will help Gabriel work through his self-guilt. Through the love of a woman Gabriel will learn to live and love again.

When Ms. Langford puts a troubled cop and a small town girl together you get explosions of a very hot kind. Lucifer's Angel is a wild ride - hot, spicy, and roaring to go from the first page. Ms. Langford will have you melting in your seat.

Book Blurb for Lucifer's Angel

He's tall, dark and desperately trying to escape his past. She's petite, curvy and very annoyed after waiting in the hot sun by her broken-down car. When Gabriel pulls up on his motorcycle and takes off his helmet, Mariah takes one look at those piecing blue eyes and his long black hair and realizes that it's Lucifer and she's in big trouble.

Outrunning his demons, Gabriel has no time to stop but as that devilish wind blows her prim skirt up, revealing the teeny thong and the black garter belt holding up the black stockings, his fate is sealed. And so is hers.

Does a renegade like Gabriel deserve to find his heart? Mariah certainly thinks so and leads him on an erotic journey to show him how.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00