First and Last

Paperback: White Hot Holidays 2 Anthology

Ms. DeMellow writes an intensely erotica futuristic romance. She combines living on the moon, religion, and isolationism into an unforgettably fast paced read. If you are looking for a fast quick book pick this one up. First and Last is only 42 pages, but it is paced with intensity and eroticism.

It's 2114 and people are living on the moon. Many moonchildren have never been to earth and do not want to ever visit the place. The moon has always been their home and they like to be isolated. Shayna Goldstein is one of these moonchildren. If Shayna does not marry soon she will have to leave the moon and live on earth. That's the law. She has dated all the men in her little enclave and none of them will suite her. So, what's a girl to do when all the available men are not up to par? She seeks the local matchmaker for advice. Rivka the matchmaker has Shayna use the programmable Tarot cards. The cards reveal who Shayna's perfect mate is.

Shayna takes the journey out of her enclave and to the enclave of Farside. She finds her man and things get tricky and passionate. How will Shayna adapt to a new environment when she so loves her hometown?

Book Blurb for First and Last

Luna, 2114

Lunarian law requires 24-year-old Shayna Goldstein to marry before she's 25. She's dated everyone in New Brooklyn. But Gideon Landers, the first man who kissed her, haunts her memories, preventing her from loving anyone else. Desperate, she consults a matchmaker, who sends a reluctant Shayna to Farside Colony to meet her mate.

The commander of Farside Colony, Gideon Landers has never forgotten Shayna. That he's been matched with her is a dream come true, but will Shayna be willing to live in the remote colony?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.25