Feral Moon

Feral Moon is a pleasurable Were-panther read that will heat-up any room.
Mahara Jones finds out she is adopted at 25. Her adopted mother tells her to find her destiny.
For about a week Mahara has been feeling different. While at a club she starts to feel all tingly and like ants are crawling up her skin. She is feeling odd and thinks her drink has been spiked, but that’s not the case. She is entering her mating time. Mahara’s parents were murdered when she was a baby. The reason being that other Were-panther tribes wanted Mahara for her psychic powers of prophesy. Her birth mother had them. Titus Declan the ruler of the southwestern turquoise moon Were-panther tribe saves her and gives her to a human woman to raise.
After going to college Mahara gets a job at Declan Technologies as the personnel director. She, along with all the other woman, have lusted after Titus for years. Soon she is a lucky girl and has Titus all for her own. Since her birth he has known she would be his queen. As the feral moon rises Titus helps Mahara from the club and takes her home and makes her his wife in a very sexy way. To make her his queen she has to be initiated in an even more passionate ceremony. Two of his lieutenants help her on her way to new sexual heights.
Regina Carlysle heats up the sheets with her sexy Were-panthers. If you are looking for a fun, sexy shifter novel you will enjoy this quickie from Ellora’s Cave.

Book Blurb for Feral Moon

In the midst of a smoky club, a firestorm of lust whips through Mahara Jones, drenching her panties, heating her core. The abnormal desire leaves her helpless and confused until her boss, Titus Declan, sweeps her away into the world of were-panthers and she learns she is destined to be his mate and queen of the Turquoise Moon tribe. It is a night of secrets and discovery, of sexual pleasure without equal, but her hybrid psychic powers present Titus with a challenge of his own. Tonight it will take more than one strong were-panther to bring her fully into his world. With the sexual help of his closest lieutenants, Titus will claim his queen and ensure the future of their species.
Reader Advisory: Includes a M/M/F/M scene.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 4.50