Dragon's Desire

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Dragon's Desire

Dragon's Heir 3

The Dragon's Desire mostly takes place in the Kingdom of Djarera. It's a place of dragons. By law dragons cannot leave their world. Zendar was sent off his world as punishment, but is now back. He is now the husband of Lara. She is the Dragon Queen's daughter. Zendar is now in line for the throne and that upsets many dragons. They do not want a rebel as their lord, but Lara loves him and will have no other.

Lara had been kidnapped by Zendar and fell in love with him. Darrek was sent to retrieve Lara and he and Zendar had a horrible battle. Darrek was severely maimed and cannot fly anymore. Because of this he is extremely depress and has pushed away his love for Rand.

This book details how Lara and Zendar and Darrek and Rand make their happily ever afters.

Dragon Desire is the third book in the Dragon's Heir series by Sierra Dafoe. This one has two love stories and is a basic holding onto love when everything around you seems to be shattering. It's love lost and found and redemption. Sierra does a great job at combining two love stories into one book and keeping the reader entertained through out. You will be flying on the wings of love and also experience the extreme pain of a love that has be torn apart by politics.

- This book has some subject matter that might be offensive to some readers. Some M/M & M‚nage

Book Blurb for Dragon's Desire

In the dragon kingdom of Djarera, Lara Sotherlin has at last found her life-mate in the handsome rebel, Zendar. But the four clans, still furious over Zendar's rebellion, refuse to accept him as heir to the throne.

Zendar can see no other way to save Djarera from all-out warfare than to leave, even if it means losing the woman he loves. And Darrek, badly scarred and left half-blind by the battle to save Elara, believes he wants nothing more than to be left alone. Together, they disappear, leaving Rand and Elara frantic.

Now Elara and Rand must put everything on the line to find them, and in a last desperate struggle, each of them must finally acknowledge their own deepest desires. But will the result be ruin for the dragon kingdom, or the dawn of a whole new era?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00