The Chosen One

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The Chosen One

Kali is warrior queen of Zudris. Gar is the warrior who broke her heart when he walked away from her five years earlier. Now he has returned with priests from the Order of The Chosen One to convince her that she is The Chosen One. With anger and hurt feeling still between them, Gar does convince Kali to take the test that only The Chosen One could pass. She knows her bloodline of Pantherinae is the reason behind the request from The Order, but she is unsure of taking a test that could leave her people without a queen. As Kali and Gar work out their differences and begin a new relationship, things get complicated with the strange abilities Kali now has since completing the test. Things are not as she expected within the Order and there are new dangers she must face, but more confusing are the dreams of the Shaman who can shift shape to a panther and he tells Kali that she is his mate. What will become of the warrior queen as The Chosen One when her heart belongs to Gar, but her dreams are filled with another man with mysterious powers? Kali's life is changing fast--but is it for the better?
Marisa Chenery weaves great romance and intrigue into her fantasy world. Kali and Gar's reunion is filled with many challenges that are very realistic when it comes to relationships. The emotional struggle between them during the rapidly changing events and the intriguing developments that arise from her newfound destiny will hold the reader in anticipation as the story concludes. The Chosen One is a fascinating story with memorable characters and a plot that continually enraptures the reader. I am hoping to see another story spin off from this one because a couple secondary characters have captured my attention and I would love to read their story. I hope you enjoy this story too.

Book Blurb for The Chosen One

Kali, warrior queen of Zudris, had her heart broken five years before when Gar, the warrior she had chosen for her mate, walked away. Now he has returned bringing two priests of the Order of The Chosen One. The Order has singled her out to do their test because of her Pantherinae blood that has marked her with eyes of a cat.

Walking away from Kali had been the hardest thing Gar had ever done. But if he hadn’t, she would have depended on him and wouldn’t have grown into the strong queen she was.

Doing the test awakens something inside Kali. In her dreams, she meets an ancient Pantherinae shaman who can shape shift into a black panther, one who wants to claim her as his mate.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50