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Book Length: Full Length

The Land Between the Seas are now in the hands of a new Queen and King that want to bring all the kingdoms together and make it what it once was before the dark days of the old monarchy. To do this Ambassadors are needed to reach out to the far lands to learn of the different cultures and bring treaties of prosperity for all. Anleeh, once Zinah now Lord Justice, has been requested to return to his land of Den and bring with him the Royal Historian and Scribe. Siara is the Royal Historian and Scribe that volunteered for this adventure and wants to document and learn about the new culture. It also gives her the adventure she wants and the opportunity to act upon the secret longings and feelings she has long held for Anleeh. Anleeh is fearful of his brutal nature and has hidden it for years while he served as Zinah. Now he must unleash his inner beast and train Siara in the way of the Den women so she can be accepted within his culture. Anleeh and Siara embark on a journey that reveals the hidden desires within them both and the uncontrollable beastly nature that dwells within the Den people. Both will learn things about each other and their selves that will change their lives and give new depth to the power of the D/s decadence. Will Siara's newfound strengths be strong enough to tame the Den warrior of her heart or will his ferocious nature destroy her?

Lila Dubois has a unique writing style that will captivate the reader in this story of self discovery and erotic escapades. The emotional perils and depth between Anleeh and Siara pulls you into a tantalizing plot where dominance and submission brings out the inner most hidden desires and strengths. Their story is one of learning culturally and of the heart and soul. I found myself buried within this story and didn't want to leave this fantasy world that Lila Dubois has created with such a clarity and imagination that stays with you even after this story ends. The erotic world of the Zinah's is one that I want to visit again and I'm looking forward to Book Three of Zinah. It's a fantastic read that's sure to heat up a cold winter night or overheat an already warm summer day. It's a recommended read and one that goes on my shelf as an excellent read.

Special Note: Although Savage is part of a series it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone.

Book Blurb for Savage

The warriors of Den are unparalleled in their ferocity in battle and relentless pride, but their warrior-heart, nephew of the King, fiercest of all, was lost to Den when he disappeared into the ranks of the Temple army.

Anleeh spent five long years working to forget from where he'd come. No one would imagine that the calm and debonair Lord Justice was once a barbarian warrior who bathed in the blood of his enemies. Terrified of ever losing the control he fought so hard to gain, Anleeh vows never to return to his homeland of Den.

Sheltered all her life in the Temple, Siara longs for adventure. Saddled with grave responsibility due to her studious and steady nature, Siara wants to leave it all behind for a life of great adventure and purpose. When the newly crowned king and queen recruit her as an ambassador to the far off land of Den, she leaps at the opportunity. Her companion, Lord Anleeh, is not so eager.

If they are to succeed Anleeh must not only strip Siara of the trappings of civility, but demand her submission. Anything less than her complete obedience and loyalty will make them vulnerable to attack in a world where fighting and sex are considered close kin. Siara surprises him with not only her strength, but her passion and spirit. They discover exquisite pleasure and unexpected understanding in each other's arms. Yet, Anleeh hides the truth of what he was from Siara, even as he feels his beast crawling beneath his skin.

But Siara has a secret of her own.

When Anleeh loses all control, succumbing to the unrestrained battle madness of his people, Siara must chose between saving herself and risking it all to save the man she loves.

Contains: D/s, Spanking, public sex

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00