Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle

Amy and Tessa find themselves neck deep in repairs and expenses with the castle Amy just inherited.  Their business adventure turning the castle into a profitable historic hotel is a daunting task but they both commit to the renovation of Gargoyle Castle.  While the days are filled with work, their nights are filled with erotic dreams of mysterious men that tantalize their every sense.  Tessa finds it odd that they both have sex-filled dreams that seem very real to them.  Then strange things start happening around the castle.  The local stories about gargoyles have them on edge, especially when the two gargoyle statues atop of the castle seem to move positions.  Can the stories be real?  The grand opening of Gargoyle Castle is set for Halloween night and both Tessa and Amy are in for a magical night.

Sally Painter has penned a great romance with super sexy gargoyles as the love interests for the main female characters.  Who knew gargoyles could be so hot?  Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle will have you drooling for your own gargoyles to dream about.  With red-hot dreams overwhelming the girls at night and strange things occurring during the day, the reader will be pulled into a great plot with passionate characters that are sure to curl your toes and heat up your nights.  I am a big fan of Sally Painter's gargoyle stories and this one is another keeper for me.  Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Dream Lovers of Gargoyle Castle

As if renovating a crumbling castle isn’t enough, Tessa and Amy have to contend with two gargoyle statues that just won’t stay in one place.
But the dreams at night are erotic bliss. Convinced the dreamy orgasmic encounters with the sexiest bit of tall, dark and delicious to ever utter a Scottish brogue are a product of her sex-starved waking hours, Tessa is shocked to discover that Amy has her own nocturnal visitor. But as Halloween draws near, a time when all things are possible, Tessa discovers what goes bump in the night isn’t necessarily all in her dreams.
Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Things That Go Bump in the Night VI anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00