Acid Rayne

Ripley Knight, ex-special ops soldier and now part owner of a traveling carnival, knows what he wants and that is the bombshell alligator wrestler named Betty.  Betty is the cover name that Rayne is using while she works at finding missing diamonds for her privateer bosses.  Working as a mercenary makes it hard for Rayne to find that special man she longs for, while Rip seems determined to be that man as he sets her senses on fire with a passion that burns uncontrollably.  As Rayne leads her double life, she falls further for Rips brand of fire and her emotions complicate the mission.  She wants to give all of herself to Rip but knows that the one thing he needs is the truth from her, which she cannot give.  Danger is coming at Rayne from all sides and now she has to stay one-step ahead of the bad guys and keep Rip from being harmed because of her deadly lifestyle.  Can she surrender to Rip all that she is and still find a way to resolve the deadly turn her life is taking?

Acid Rayne is a high octane read with a butt-kicking heroine who meets her match physically and emotionally in Ripley Knight.  Rip is tough as nails and determined to find a way to win over Rayne's heart with wild passion and breath taking moments.  Humorous dialogue and take me as I am attitudes will make this story one you will not want to end.  These two compliment each other in passion and strength to leave the reader in a daze of red-hot pleasure.  The plot will grip the reader from the beginning and keep you turning the pages with non-stop action and scorching love scenes.  Ciana Stone and Nathalie Gray work their magic together creating memorable characters and an adventure that will leave you breathless.  Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Acid Rayne

Rayne is a mercenary, six feet of blonde bombshell. As clean-up gal for diamond privateers, she’s seen her fair share of ugly deals and violence. And her latest mission promises to be the same. Yet the price of her choices is getting higher. All her life she’s wanted to find a good, strong man, one who would know how to touch her, quench the all-consuming fire and match her sexual energy.

Now that she’s finally found him, she has to hide her true self, lie and cheat. Former special ops soldier Ripley Knight is everything she wants, all that she craves. His demanding hands conquer all her defenses and his mouth—that wicked thing—denudes her every secret. No pleasure is beyond his skill and no decadence too great. In exchange, all Rip wants is the one thing she can’t give. Truth.

Amidst the torrid Floridian wilderness and carnival season, with dangers coming at her from every quarter, Rayne will learn that only Rip can help her. Only he can douse the inferno.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50