Brynn Lang has been recovering from being hurt by an ex-lover. But now she and Ryan Manning are going to star in a film together because her male co-star got hurt. She still feels the hurt and the anger and almost does not do the scene with him. Ryan just wants to help her with the scene and decides to put their problems aside for now.

The worst part is that they have to do a love scene together and that makes things even harder for her. That is because she is still attracted to him and doesn't want to get hurt again. He cheated on her and had a drinking problem. Ryan has been trying to make amends for his mistakes but Brynn is resisting his charm.

Will they get back together and will she forgive him and can Ryan make things right again?

Unscripted was filled with great characterization and a strong heroine in Brynn. Her emotions were written well and you could tell that Ryan was trying real hard to make things up to her and be truthful. The chemistry and intimateness was also hot to boot. This is a short story and I would have loved it to be longer. I did feel that Brynn forgave Ryan a bit too fast, but all in all a good story.

Book Blurb for Unscripted

Book Length: Novella
Brynn Lang is already beyond nervous about getting naked in front of the camera for her first big Hollywood love scene, and the situation only worsens when her new co-star arrives on the movie set. No way can she rush into filming a passionate sex scene, not with the one man who broke her heart.
Fresh from a three-month stint in rehab, Ryan Manning is now clear, focused and ready to tackle this role of a lifetime. But there’s more than just dollar signs and super-stardom enticing him. Brynn’s here, looking sexier than ever. Ryan’s determined to make amends for his drunk-assed mistakes and win her back, and he can’t think of a better way to jump-start her desire than reminding her of the inferno that always raged between them whenever they touched.
But nothing’s ever that easy. Brynn’s furious and refuses to listen. This time, he’s on his own. There’s no script for him to follow. All he has is sincerity, honesty and love. He hopes to hell and back it’ll be enough.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00