Wolf at the Door

Wolf at the Door is a fun remake of Little Red Riding hood. I really enjoyed this fairy tale romp. The humor in the story made for an additional enjoyable element. When the wolf reveals himself to Darin the adventure begins. I’m highly recommending Wolf at the Door.

When Darin goes for his usual run in the woods he meets Ryland and the attraction is intense and hot, but Ryland disappears. The next night though Darin runs into a large wolf in the woods and he for some reason knows that the wolf would never hurt him. When presents begin showing up in his backyard he knows it’s the wolf and kind of thinks it’s funny. The towns people think it’s fun as well. When the wolf shows up injured its then that Darin finds out who and what his mysterious wolf is and what danger they both are in.

Book Blurb for Wolf at the Door

Darin Brightmore is a nurse who runs to escape the stress of his job. He’s unprepared when a routine trip down a local hiking trail lands him in the arms of a sexy stranger. Darin is instantly drawn to the charming Raylan and is disappointed when their encounter is cut short. Shortly after the encounter his life takes a turn for the strange.

Raylan Loup is a werewolf who is beyond pleasantly surprised when he stumbles across the enticing Darin one late afternoon. Determined to claim the quirky nurse as his own, Raylan sets out to win Darin over. Unfortunately, the appearance of a Huntsman dead set on putting Raylan down turns what should have been a routine courtship into a battleground.

Can Darin accept all of the danger that comes with being Raylan’s mate or will he wish he never let the wolf at the door into his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00