Witches and Wolves

Witches and Wolves, #2

Attending his friend's wedding Nate meets Bruce Johanson. But he isn't sure that he wants something serious because of a bad relationship in the past. But when things heat up between Bruce and Nate, Nate can't deny that there is more than a one night stand. The more time they spend together the more they need each other.

Then Nate’s twin brother Nick shows up he bringing trouble and danger to Nate's door. Bruce and his brother Red step into protect the twins. Bruce is trying to help protect Nick with Nate’s help and keep their relationship going. They discover a love for one another.

Nick was a competing ice skater with a path to the Olympics open to him. Then one day he dropped from sight not telling anyone why. Nate has always had his magic while Nick had his skating. Now Nick brings danger in the form of a deamon to Nate’s door and it will take all of them to defeat this foe.

Can Nate and Nick let the past go and find a future for their family relationship to continue or will the deamon win and Nick will be lost to Nate and Red?

Witches and Werewolves is a book I enjoyed a lot. Nate being snarky but also being open to Bruce made for a good read.

The only thing that bothered me was the anticlimactic battle with the deamon. In the end it ended too short and that was kind of disappointing.

I will though recommend this one for a good read. It is the second in a series, but can stand alone.

Book Blurb for Witches and Wolves

Embittered by a bad relationship, Nate has sworn off romance. Then at his best friend's wedding he meets gorgeous werewolf Bruce Johanson. The two fall head over heels in love and everything is perfect until the appearance of Nate's estranged twin brother, Nick.

Nick had given up pursuit of his magical gifts to chase an ice skating career. He was a rising champion when he abruptly left competition and disappeared, running from a demon. Nick's undeveloped powers aren't enough to fight such a ruthless enemy. He has no choice but to go to his brother and hope they can put aside their differences long enough to fight this evil together.

Fortunately an unexpected protector appears to fight by Nick's side. Bruce's pack brother "Big" Redd is captivated by the beautiful skater. He senses that Nick's bad attitude disguises hidden vulnerability and Redd is determined to protect him, no matter what the cost.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50