Willow has a storyline that is fast paced. I wasn't sure though if Willow had OCD or what. The attraction between Cade and Willow was enjoyable but a little off with their first encounter. I kind of wondered about that scene. The Happily Ever After though made this a good read. I will recommend Lee Brazil as a good storyteller.


Cade Lawson couldn't believe the change in Willow from a sweet boy to a temperamental young man. But he was attracted to him nonetheless and though he didn't want to act upon his attraction he and Willow are thrown together and their first sexual encounter was force upon them.

Willow for his part knew that he always had trouble making decisions, but being with Cade made up for anything he had trouble with. Willow has always loved Cade and would do anything to be with him.

Book Blurb for Willow

Making decisions is sometimes difficult for Willow Shaw, but loving Cade Lawson comes easily. Too bad Cade regards him as too young to know his own mind.

As a favor for an old friend, cop Cade Lawson is keeping a watchful eye on his young neighbor, Willow Shaw. He'd thought that would involve some hanging out, watching movies and heart-to-heart talks on college life.

But the Will who moved into his apartment building wasn't the same little boy who'd worshiped his father's friend. No, this Willow is rowdy, defiant, challenging, and alluring. He stirs feelings that Cade is uncomfortable with.

Cade might be uncomfortable, but Willow Shaw is desperate. He's had a crush on Cade for years, and he'd hoped it would fade away one day. Hiding his growing feelings is his top priority, even if it means acting like a prick, because there is absolutely no way a man like Cade—strong, decisive, handsome, and experienced—is going to be attracted to him.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50