Unleashing The Jaguar: Animal Attraction

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Unleashing The Jaguar: Animal Attraction

Michael after having left to find his ex-lover , gets caught in Jaguar form and is sent to a zoo as one of the many animals.  He can't escape though without revealing that there is another whole species living alongside the humans. He knows he can't be that selfish.

Rescue though comes in the form of his ex-lover Danny who was coming back to Michael, but had been to late to stop him from getting caught. Danny came back to Michael to try and reconcile their relationship and to see where it would lead, but first he has to rescue his lover. When Danny comes to the rescue can Michael let him back into his life or will he back off from their love?

Unleashing the Jaguar: Animal Attraction is another shapeshifter love story that is a winner. It’s one of those I’ll enjoy rereading. The relationship between Danny and Michael is a bit broken, but they have potential. I’m hoping there will be a continuation on this story.

Animal Attraction is a keeper and I recommend it to those who like shapeshifter romances. I definitely liked this book.

Book Blurb for Unleashing The Jaguar: Animal Attraction

# of pages or word count: 20 pages
Genre: Contemporary paranormal M/M erotic romance
Heat rating: 3 Novas
Michael finds himself in the most awkward of situations. Trapped in his jaguar form as the newest inhabitant at a zoo, he has to figure out how to get free without anyone finding out about his people’s existence, and without getting caught.
When his ex shows up, Michael isn’t certain allowing Danny to ride to the rescue is such a good idea, especially given how things between them ended. But if he wants to have a life beyond one trapped in his animal form, he has to take the chance of his feelings rekindling.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.50