The Orchid Murders

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The Orchid Murders

When Anderson Williams finds his father's body his first feeling is of horror. He doesn’t really notice the sexiness of the Homicide Detective who responds to the call. When Sam Morgan answers the second call of a mutilated body not only does he find that he might have a serial killer on his hands but that the son of the murdered man is an attraction he might do without, but he can't help himself and he seduces Anderson.

Soon the murders keep stacking up and Sam is feeling the heat to solve the cases. When the killer threatens Anderson life Sam is there to keep Anderson safe. Sam has a little trouble at first because Anderson can't seem to separate his career and his personal life. To save Anderson though Sam must keep him close and safe.

Can Anderson reconcile Sam's two lives or will the killer get in the way? I like a good murder mystery romance. The Orchid Murders has both romance and mystery in equal parts. The blending is done just right and makes this book one well worth picking up.

The one problem I had was Anderson's attitude in the beginning. It was a bit much and put me off till Sam was able to get thru it himself. Then the story went were it was supposed to go. I was the off on a thrill ride. You will be in for a treat with the twists and turns of the investigation and the old boy society of the Yale University. It made for an interesting read. Mixed in were the very hot loves scenes between Sam and Anderson, as well as the bumpy start of their relationship. This one is going to be put in my keeper file. I would recommend The Orchid Murders for those who like a lot of romance with just the right amount of mystery mixed in.

Book Blurb for The Orchid Murders

Genre: GLBT, BDSM, Gay, Mystery, Contemporary Romance

Pages: 290

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

If he gives you orchids--run!

Anderson Williams is a Literature Professor at NYU and he has the perfect life--loving and understanding father, wonderful friends, great students. Then suddenly all that is turned upside-down when his father gets murdered and a sexy but annoying cop, Sam Morgan, waltzes into his life.

Sam Morgan is after a murderer, plain and simple--not love, not Anderson's tantrum. But as one murder leads to another, he finds he is spending more and more time with Anderson. The professor begins to seep beneath his skin and Sam knows he cannot allow that. He has to stop this killer and get out without losing his life or his heart.

The killer, whose calling card is the orchid, seeks revenge for an age-old slight. Will he succeed with all his plans?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75