The Hunter Within

Jack learns that his wife is getting ready to remarry after she hears he has died while at war. He goes AWOL to see her and to find out if the new man in her life is worthy of her. While at war Jack was enhanced with paranormal powers and is now a supernatural soldier. He learns that an enemy, Eidolon, might also be in the states and that might put not only Jack in danger but Alice Jack's wife in danger as well.

Since turning supernatural things have changed for Jack. He's now gay. His partner Antoine finds out that Jack has gone to see Alice. Antoine is afraid that he is going to lose Jack to his previous life.

The two men are assigned to look into missing soldiers. It's believed that Eidolon might be behind the missing men and might be trying to make more super soldiers.

Can Antoine and Jack find the missing men and destroy Eidolon once and for all or will they be torn apart by not only Jacks wife but fate itself?

The Hunter Within was a very well written story and I enjoyed reading it for a couple reasons. First for the adventure and secondly for the continuing love story started in The Tiger Within. You get to see Jack finally letting go and admitting his attraction to Antoine. It was a very good addition to the adventure of the actual story. If you like hero and shapeshifter love stories you'll like this one as well. Enjoy.

Book Blurb for The Hunter Within

Returning veteran Jack is shocked to learn his wife is engaged to another man. She believes Jack died during the war and has no idea he was altered into a soldier of superhuman powers to fight supernatural beings. Part of him wants to stay dead in her eyes and let her live her life, but part wants to tell Alice the truth. Jack deeply wants his old life back, to be normal again. Maybe Alice can save him from his crazy life and his newly awakened sexual need for men; especially his burning passion for a shape-shifter who claimed his body and now wants his heart.

Shape-shifter Antoine Fortescue travels to New York City to find out why Jack went AWOL. What he discovers disturbs him. Jack has traveled to California to spy on his wife's fianc‚. Is he going to confront Alice with the truth he is alive? And try to get her back? Or the real truth, that he is gay? Jack may yearn for a "normal" life, but Antoine will stop at nothing to capture Jack's heart.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, sex while in shifted animal form, violence.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75