The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

Returning from a disastrous romantic weekend Perry Foster is surprised when he finds a dead body in his bathtub. He goes to get help but when Nick Reno goes to investigate he can't find a body but knows something isn't right when the police show up and can't find any evidence of any wrongdoing.
Nick isn't sure if Perry is on the up and up or if something sinister is going on around him. But when the handyman is found murdered in a closet by Perry again Nick knows something isn't right there at Alton House.
The old legend of stolen loot seems to have drawn out the bad guys and Perry and Nick are in the middle up it.
Can Nick protect Perry or will the killer rack up the body count again?
The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks is a well-written suspense novel, but the romance side had much to be desired. Perry you knew from the start is gay but the only hints Nick gives are a few obscure reference to what Perry looked like to Nick, I was surprised when Nick Kissed Perry and came out to him. The just want enough build-up. It could have been better written in that department. I did enjoy the story going on around the err romance.

Book Blurb for The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

Josh's first stand-alone novel. His romantic weekend in ruins, shy twenty-something artist Perry Foster learns that things can always get worse when he returns home from San Francisco to find a dead body in his bathtub. A dead body in a very ugly sportscoat -- and matching socks. The dead man is a stranger to Perry, but that's not much of a comfort; how did a strange dead man get in a locked flat at the isolated Alton Estate in the wilds of the "Northeast Kingdom" of Vermont? Perry turns to help from "tall, dark and hostile" former navy SEAL Nick Reno -- but is Reno all that he seems?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.00