The Cat the Vampire Dragged In

Monsters Ink

Jaidyn is a vampire who gets sick at the sight of blood and his fangs haven't matured yet. Plus he's a virgin and worse yet a vegetarian. He works at Monsters Ink as the writer and manager of the cabaret. As he and his cast prepare for the Halloween debut of Dracula revamped he rescues an injured leopard shifter who brings nothing but trouble down on Monsters Ink. Leyden is a thief and knows he can't tell Jai about what is going on because of how big the danger is. But when Jai and Leyden's lives are on the line things just get more and more complicated.

Can the attraction between the two men turn into love? Can a leopard change his spots for his mate? And will they have the time to find out if they are destined to be mates?

The Cat the Vampire Dragged In was an interesting story. It is also one that I enjoyed reading. I recommend this one for the action and adventure and the love story in of itself.

Book Blurb for The Cat the Vampire Dragged In

Jaidyn is a vampire. He faints at the sight of blood, his fangs haven’t developed, and he’s a vegetarian. But worse—he’s also a virgin. Even organising the cabaret show, Dracula—revamped, at Monsters inK, while dealing with renegade wizards, vampires, a feisty witch and their human companions is everyday stuff. But his life becomes complicated when he rescues the injured leopard shifter, whose sexy smile and seductive songs turn Jai’s life upside down. Leydan is a thief on a deadly mission. What he’s stolen every Blood-Kin wants. Battle lines are drawn, but it is the battle for the heart that may destroy Jai and Ley… Can a vampire truly love a thief? Somehow Ley has to convince the vampire that a leopard can truly change his spots when he finds his life-mate.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50