Silver Bullets

Silver Series, #1

Silver Bullets was a pretty interesting read, I liked the storyline. It is part of a longer story arch, but it can stand alone. The heat between Michael and Tyler was tangible and very intense. The only part I had trouble with was Michael in the beginning, but he soon settled down into a character I liked better. I gladly recommend Silver Bullets as a good read.

Model Michael Francis is stunned. He’s found out that his lover has dumped him, stolen all of his money and might also be a serial killer. Sparks fly when Michael meets Texas lawman Tyler Winston. Tyler is investigating a murder that was committed in Texas. Tyler has just lost the love of his life and is still recovering when he meets Michael. He is blindsided by their mutual attraction. Both men are healing from their own pasts. Will they be able to heal and live before Michael's past comes back around to take both men down? Will Tyler be able to stop the killer in time?

Book Blurb for Silver Bullets

Sexy, selfish Michael Francis has hit rock bottom. His boyfriend has dumped him, stolen all his money and his career as a super model has come to a screeching halt. Tyler Winston, macho Texas lawman, has lost the only love he’s ever had and the shocking memories of his long buried past have come back to haunt him. Set on a collision course, can these two broken men find common ground and begin to heal each other or will a ruthless killer part them forever?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00