Repertoire: Cardiff

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Repertoire: Cardiff

After a year together Vampire Prince Devon Hart and Dragon Shifter Vincent Sheridan put an end to the war between the Shapeshifters and the vampires. The two men have forged a place for themselves together, but though Devon has told Vincent everything about himself Vincent isn't as forth coming as Devon would like for him to be.

So when Vincent is summoned to Cardiff Wales Devon is surprised that Vincent has a brother. So to save Cardiff Vincent and Devon must travel there and save the people and land from an evil that could take Vincent from Devon forever.

Can Vincent and Devon work together to save each other of will Vincent’s past take the two lovers apart forever?

It was a pleasure to read of old friends again and to discover what happened to them after their tempestuous meeting in the first story. To learn more of Vincent was wonderful, and of course the hot and steamy loves scenes between Devon and Vincent were a good part of the storyline. If you read the first book you will surely like reading this continuation.

Book Blurb for Repertoire: Cardiff

# of pages or word count: 33 pages
Genre: Contemporary paranormal shapeshifter M/M erotic romance
Heat rating: 4 Novas
A year ago, dragon shifter Vincent Sheridan and vampire prince Devon Hart forged a union, putting an end to the war between shifters and vampires. Although Devon has been forthcoming in his own past, Vincent has remained silent on his own. Now a new menace has reared its ugly head.
A figure from Vincent's past is poised to claim Cardiff, Wales, as his own--using his sorcery and otherworldly charisma to force the people to follow him. Knowing he has no choice, Vincent realizes he must stop the madness before it's too late. Doing so requires him to admit who he is and to protect the people who once revered him.
It's going to take every resource he possesses--even those he fought hard to forget.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.50