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Nikolis Michael Faulkner thought he was one of a kind. He’s the only large cat shifter he knows of. That is until he meets Serina at a new restaurant that has opened in the neighborhood. Not sure what to make of it he tells his partner Danny about her and takes him to meet her. Danny sees the family resemblance of the two.

This resemblance sparks his desire to find his birth family but will his partner Danny help him or will it tear them apart?

Rediscovery was an interesting and pleasant read. I do feel that it needs more content, as it just didn’t have enough information to make it well rounded and I started to drift in the middle.  I think the reason I feel this way is that I didn’t get enough back-story about Nikolis’s childhood and what he remembered plus how he and Danny met. The end did bring me back into the story.

Book Blurb for Rediscovery

Nikky and Danny know they are different, and are perfectly happy being with each other. Yet, Nikky yearns to know more about his kind, for surely other werecats exist in the world. A chance encounter with a woman who could be his twin sparks a desire to research his murky past...but will Danny go along with it?

Length: HeatSheet (10.2 K words)

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.00