Killer Contingency # 1

Reactivated was short in the storyline. You have a guy starting to question his career choices and wanting to get a life. It was interesting seeing the heat and attraction between Arden Boyle and Brad Miles. Brad is openly gay and Arden hadn't really been interested in either sex. I did like the idea of these two finding each other and being together no matter who your soulmate is. For that I will recommend this book for that.

Arden Boyle, a European assassin, decides to take a vacation in Seattle, WA. He meets Brad Miles at the airport. Both men hit it off very well and Brad talks Arden into spending time with him and seeing the sights in Seattle. When Arden starts seeing Brad in a sexual light he goes with it. When Arden’s career choice rears its ugly head can things work out in the end or will outside forces tear the two men apart?

Book Blurb for Reactivated

Ardan Boyle is an assassin. Living in the shadowy world of European crime, his targets are all people beyond the law, villains so terrible governments are afraid to touch them. For the better part of a decade, he has taken money to take out the trash.

But the life of a hired killer has a high price and while he has always been able to distance himself from his actions, the constant moving and violence has begun to wear on him. Enter Brad Myles, an artistic man with a stifling corporate job. A chance encounter in a French airport leads the two men on a path of emotional resurrection, something Ardan never imagined would happen.

With the past rearing its head and an old friend's legacy coming back to haunt him, Ardan must make a terrible choice.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50