Ralston's Way

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Ralston's Way

Book one in the Prentiss Series

Blayne Dalton is the new computer geek and office manager at his friends breeding ranch. Sparks soon fly between Blayne his friend's brother Morgan. From the beginning Morgan tries to avoid Blayne as best as he can, even though he is attracted to Blayne.

Blayne can't decide if he wants to kiss Morgan senseless or smack him upside the head. Morgan being an alpha male wants Blayne on his terms and in his own way. What he gets though isn't how or what he thinks. When Morgan kisses Blayne with an intense and passionatly hot kiss Blayne wants more.

Can Morgan turn the alpha down a tad to please Blayne or will he drive his lover away?

Ralstons Way is a pretty enjoyable read that has a lot of humor. The only problem I had was there was no real build up in the heat. It was avoid each other and then kiss. After the kiss the heat was pretty hot and intense. The storyline ran from there and made me want to finish. I wanted to find out what was going to happen between them. It was well worth reading and for that I gladly recommend Ralston's Way for a good read.

Book Blurb for Ralston's Way

When the computer guru meets the rancher who likes things his way, who will have their way?

Blayne Dalton knows from their first introduction he will need all his calm reasonable skills to deal with Morgan Ralston. The rancher is aggravating and determined to avoid him. The calm he is known for goes out of the window. He can’t decide if he’d rather deck him or kiss him senseless. How do you rope a cowboy? You teach him that not everything has to be his way.

Morgan Ralston likes things his way. On his ranch, he is the one who make the decisions. Well at least he is supposed to be. When his brother decides to hire a new office manager and cook he knows it will lead to nothing but disruptions. What he gets is not what he expected. The man who becomes his office manager is not a problem to the ranch. The trouble is of a more personal nature—to his libido. Avoiding him doesn’t work. It’s time to approach this as he does everything else. After all when it comes down to it…there isn’t any other way but Ralston’s Way.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.75