Power of Three

When Janice and Eric arrive in San Francisco they don't expect to save the world.

Janice has been commitment shy since her ex-husband cheated on her but now she has feelings for Eric her boss but doesn't know what to do about them. Going to San Francisco on business with Eric she thinks she has it all straightened out in her mind when sexy Ryuu steps into the picture to shake things up for her and Eric.

Ryuu has been waiting for his other two to help him form a three to save the world. But when they arrive they don't know who he is and all is almost lost. Can he convince Janice and Eric that they were meant to be together or will it all be for naught and they loose it all?

The Power of Three was a good read and I enjoyed it a lot. The storyline was well written and was easy to read. The only problem I had was the angst of Janice’s should I or shouldn't I…it was irritating. Eric and Ryuu together were hotter then I can say even if they were short love scenes. I hope to read more about them later. I will recommend this one to others who like end of the world themes and threesomes. They are a very sexy threesome.

Book Blurb for Power of Three

Length: novel
This book is a sequel to Magic of Three, but can be read independently.
Janice loves Eric and she’s finally ready to give up being single and risk a commitment. But sexy Japanese businessman Ryuu has other plans.
Eric knows Janice is the one for him. Then Ryuu steps in with a seductive offer, something that appeals to one of Eric’s deepest fantasies—forming a ménage. Eric is tempted but fears Janice couldn’t possibly accept his desire for other men.
Visionary Ryuu’s job is to protect San Francisco from demonic invasion using the power of his Three. Finally, he’s found the other two. But they remember nothing of their past lives, not even their love for him.
A Three divided is powerless. Without their combined love, San Francisco is doomed.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 3.75