Personal Trainers

M‚nage … trois/ MMF / Contemporary

When Robin Carter looks at himself in the mirror one morning he sees his body starting to develop love handles and it depresses him. Going to work that morning his boss gives him a hard time and causes even more depression. He decides that he needs to loose weight and get in shape. Turning to personal trainer Jack Kelly is an inspiration of the good kind especially when Jack and his friend Alex give Robin a threesome he can't forget. It also gives him the courage to stand up to his boss.
Will Robin be ready for the love of the two?
Personal Trainers had wildly inventive love scenes that were wonderful. Being that this is a short story the relationships did move pretty fast. Overall, a good an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Personal Trainers

A three-way brings a young man the realisation that great sex can make a man fearless!

When Robin Carter, feeling blue, out of shape and harassed by a bullying supervisor, sees an Ad promising a return to the physique of his youth, and a resurgence of self-esteem, he immediately answers it.

Meeting with Jack Kelly, Personal Trainer, certainly invigorates Robin's sex life, especially when he meets Alex, a yound lady eager to have Robin take a walk where few gay men tread. With his sexual libido enhanced by these hot encounters, Robin's ready for love - and more than ready to punch his sneering supervisor on the nose!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50