One-Two Punch

Passing the gym on her way to work and home again Beth sees her dream man every day but it takes her weeks to work up the courage to go in and meet Harry the owner of the gym. Harry sees Beth and the attraction is instant and hot, when Beth asks for boxing lessons Harry can't resist the urge to be near her. Soon their mutual sexual attraction turns into hot and sexy nights of passion.
Harry's army buddy shows up on their doorstep one day and Beth knows things are going to be different.
Ky looking for a place to rest and recuperate after being discharged from the army goes looking for Harry hoping that he might be able to persuade Harry that they were meant to be together. But his plans are almost derailed by Beth being on the scene until she makes it clear to both men she wants them all to be together.
When Beth is put in danger by a madman Harry and Ky band together to save her.
Will the three be able to make a unit together or will the strain break them all apart?
One Two Punch was a good story and hotter then heck but Ky came in too far into the story and it got stilted after that. The love scenes between Beth and Harry were hot and sexy but when Ky joined into them it was awkward and again stilted. The stalker though did lend a bridge of a sort to the love story between Harry and Ky, but it kinda limped along.

Book Blurb for One-Two Punch

Beth is willing to do almost anything to meet her dream man—including taking boxing lessons. She passes Harry’s gym for weeks before mustering up the nerve to walk in and talk to the gorgeous owner. Once she does, sparks fly as well as punches.

Their budding relationship is tested with the arrival of Ky, Harry’s old Army buddy. After years of frustrated longing for his fellow soldier, Ky is hoping that he can win Harry’s heart. He hadn’t planned on Beth, however—or the scorching desire she inspires.

As the trio struggle to accept their feelings for each other, a menacing figure stalks Beth, watching, waiting—and preparing to snatch her away from the two men she’s grown to love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains smoking-hot scenes of ménage and M/M sex.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 3.00