Hell Cop

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Hell Cop

Parma City the place to see Hell emerge. Demons and Sorcerers and other things that go bump in the night. To protect the innocent from harm the only Cops who can handle those things are The Hell Cop's.
In Next of Kin by Astrid Amara
A small town boy comes to the big city to find his father. Brian has a way of getting into trouble but it seems that Jay Yervent is always there to pull him out of it. So when Brian is targeted by demons who are trying to kill him Jay starts trying to find out why and who because he doesn't want anything to happen to the one man who can touch him and not get burned. Will he find the villain or will Brian be taken away from him in death?
Red Sands by Nicole Kimberling
Professor Michael Golds has got a problem. He has a dead body on his hands as he travels back to Parma city after a 6-month study trip. A Hell Cop takes him in. Argent tries to keep Michael out of more trouble and help him find out what is going on. When Michael's Father goes missing the heat is turned up since the dead man has turned out to be Michael's Cousin Cassidy. Does Argent want Michael cleared so they can be together or does he want Michael behind bars?
Touching Sparks By Ginn Hale
James Sparks is sick of the useless Demon Venom that is circulating thru the streets and the deaths of the demons to make the Venom. So he turns to a friend from his past, Hell Cop Moran, to take what evidence he has gathered to stop the death and Venom trade. Moran had always thought of James as Sparky and as a teenager whom he had known until James comes to him as an adult and is attracted to him. But will Moran be able to keep his Sparky safe or will he loose him to the venomous venom traders?
Hell Cops was a very good set of stories that blended together to make a whole storyline. The loves scenes where so hot and sexy I had to put it down a few times myself. On the Whole I did enjoy Hell Cops a lot and will recommend it to my friends.

Book Blurb for Hell Cop

Genre: LGBT Science Fiction/Fantasy Suspense
Length: Novel Plus

Welcome to Parmas City, where demons and sorcerers live among ordinary people and a few tough Hell Cops protect them all. Jay, Argent, and Ben are three of them, and they've just met the men of their hottest dreams.

Next of Kin by Astrid Amara
Jay Yervant is a Hell Cop so powerful that his bare skin incinerates anyone he contacts. Isolated, he is tortured by desire, until he meets Brian, a sensual young man who touches him with impunity. But Jay's burgeoning hope is threatened when a malevolent sorcerer unleashes a host of demonic assassins against Brian. Keeping his lover may cost Jay his life.

Red Sands by Nicole Kimberling
Anthropologist Michael Gold's got problems. His apartment's been ransacked, his dad's missing, and he's been framed for murder. As a half-demon he expects trouble from the city's Hell Cops. Instead, he gets Argent, a man with intimate knowledge of Michael and whom Michael can't penetrate with his psychic powers. So does Argent want to clear him or expose him?

Touching Sparks by Ginn Hale
When photojournalist James Sparks discovers an underworld of sorcery, blood sports and demonic drug traffic, he turns to Detective Ben Moran, a hard-bodied Hell Cop whose touch sends James's pulse racing. But when James uncovers evidence of police corruption he realizes that Moran may be in as much danger as he is.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, strong violence.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.50