Fox's Folly

a Duals and Donovans story

Paul Donovan is sent to Las Vegas to investigate several murders at the request of a Fae who holds a maker of honor from his family. Paul is surprised when he runs into Fox shifter Taggart Ross who is also in Vegas to investigate the death of his fox shifter uncle. The two men team up for the investigation and for the sexual nature of their attraction to each other. As they figure out who the murderer is Paul is afraid he will lose Tag to death but he can't send him away either.

Can Paul and Tag defeat the murderer or will they become the next victims?

Fox's Folly was an interesting and enjoyable to read. The tension between Tag and Paul was there and made the story fun to read. I was waiting for the outcome of their attraction to one another. The suspense was more backstage compared to their relationship story. It was resolved a bit anti-climactically. The ending was fairly well done though. I will recommend this one for the suspense storyline as well as the love story. Overall this was good reading.

Book Blurb for Fox's Folly

What happens in Vegas lasts forever…if you’re lucky.

Las Vegas is the wrong place for an inexperienced witch like Paul Donovan. But he has no choice; his family owes a debt of honor to a half-fae casino owner, whose guests have been dying under mysterious circumstances. The normy police haven’t connected the dots between the deaths, and the owner has called in his marker.

When Paul literally runs into fox dual Taggart Ross, the instant, powerful attraction between them bristles with red flags. Not only should there be no sparks between him and this “hillbilly with a tail”, the fact is a dual couldn’t have committed murder-by-magic. But until he’s got proof, caution rules.

Tag’s own suspicions are on high alert. Magic killed his favorite uncle, and Paul, who senses Tag’s dual nature way too easily, should be a prime suspect. Except Tag’s libido responds to the witch in a way that shouldn’t happen.

Whatever this thing is between them, the raw sexual energy feeds a power that becomes their best hope of drawing out the killer out before he, she, or it strikes again. Until love gets involved, and things get real complicated, real fast…

Warning: Sly foxes, smoky Southern drawls, sex magic, dangerous demons, tacky Las Vegas glitz, and did we mention the hot guy-on-guy sex?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50