For Olympus Sake

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For Olympus Sake

Stephen Liatos' archaeology career came to a staggering halt when his peers laughed at him for thinking Aphrodite’s Necklace was a real artifact. He was sent to a museum at an already completed dig and his love life crashed as well. Then his life took an unexpected turn when Alex an intern shows up. Things really get complicated as Alex is sent to find Aphrodite's Necklace and bring it back to the goddess herself.

Alex needs to retrieve the necklace to avert a war in Olympus. Things go from bad to worse when Stephen gets transported along with Alex to the underworld instead of Olympus. Now Alex has to look after Stephen and himself. On top of that he has to protect them from becoming the playthings of the gods. They don’t want to become permanent residents…do they?

Can Alex keep them safe and sane or will he loose Stephen to the underworld?

For Olympus Sake had an intriguing description, but just didn’t live up to my expectations. The story didn’t draw me in fully. It’s possible that other readers will find the story more intriguing than I did. On that note I did enjoy the love scenes. They were very well done. The story also does end with a good HEA.

Book Blurb for For Olympus Sake

Book Length: Short Novel
Stephen Liatos’ career as an archaeologist hit a brick wall a long time ago. His love life crashed and burned right behind it. When a young intern claims to have the key to the elusive artifact known as Aphrodite’s necklace, Stephen’s life takes a strange turn. Suddenly, he’s in the middle of the hottest wet dream he’s ever had. Until all hell breaks loose. Literally.
Alex’s mission was to retrieve his mistress’s necklace. He didn’t need a passenger along for the ride, although Stephen’s overactive libido makes for an interesting trip. Nor did he expect to end up in Hades instead of Olympus. Now he has to get the necklace and Stephen out of the Underworld before they both become permanent residents.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 2.75