Devil's Fire

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Devil's Fire

From the kingdom of Drystan Gareth is mourning his love Kiel when the King of Drystan contracts a new marriage for Gareth to neighboring Prince Alric of the kingdom of Kray. Gareth does not wanting the marriage for fear of sullying his love for Kiel. Tristam his brother in law needs the Krays kingdom as an ally. Gareth agrees to the union, and they head to Kray where Gareth meets Alric. He does not want to like the younger man. The marriage starts off rocky until Alric is injured in an attack on their party.

Gareth helps nurse Alric back to health and begins to like Alric. A power mad man, Denmar, who murdered Kiel for not returning his suite is After Alric for his powers and again pushes Gareth and Alric into danger. Will Good triumph over Evil? Will love conquer all?

I enjoyed Devil's Fire book a lot. The book reminded me of the other medieval romances that I liked to read. Sara Bell writes a book that pulls the reader in and leaves them wanting to know what will happen next.

Book Blurb for Devil's Fire

Forced into an arranged marriage after the death of his true love, Gareth has no intention of giving Alric of Kray the time of day. He'll do what he has to, but he knows he'll never find a love like the one he's lost. Alric has problems of his own, but is willing to go along with the wedding to help defend his kingdom from the forces ready to tear it apart.

When Alric is gravely injured, Gareth discovers the secret of Alric's magic, and discovers that he has feelings for Alric that he's been trying to deny. They may be able to heal Alric's wounds, but can they defeat the enemy that lurks behind the scenes, waiting for them to make one false move?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00