Come the Chupacabra

An Erotic Horror Story

Come the Chupacabra is a disjointed and stilted tale and didn't have much of a character basis. A group of college kids come to Mexico to search for the Chupacabra and end up being sexual playthings. Ugh. Sorry but Ugh. I can't recommend this one for a read.

A professor takes a group of her students to Mexico. The focus is on the legendary Chupacabra beast. Things go from bad to worse when one of them is killed the others are saved by the very creatures that she is hunting. They are safe for the moment but the Chupacabra demand payment in their rescue. They want sexual favors in return for their safety. Does the group comply or will they stay in Mexico forever?

Book Blurb for Come the Chupacabra

What happens when you stir together a sultry Mexican setting, ten college students, Mayan ruins, and a sex-crazed, mythological monster pack? An eruption of bloodshed and tears, and screams and moans that never stop, that’s what. So lick your lips and bend your hips, because this deliciously sexy creature feature is about to redefine "horror" forever.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 2.50