Black Point

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Black Point

Thomas Carter known by his pseudonym of Rose Carter by the erotica book world has been talking to Matt Malone online for a long time and has fallen in love with him. But his Publisher won't let him reveal to anyone who he really is until he sells one of his books to a movie studio and is going to the Convention for erotica writers in Hawaii.

Matt is gay and knows it and is confused by his connection to Rose whom he thinks is a woman, but when they meet in Hawaii and he finds out that Rose is actually a man Thomas and gay also he's hurt and confused again until they have a hot kiss and it all falls into place.
Though, will the heat only be in Hawaii or will it take them home and to the future?
I enjoyed the story line it was hot and sensual, though the writing was a bit weird when most of the book was single word lines.Overall, Black Point had lots of sensuality and new interesting storyline.

Book Blurb for Black Point

Matt greatly admires Rose, the top male/male erotic writer in America. Just as Matt and rose start to develop genuine feelings for each other via frequent emails and online chats, Rose sells her latest book to a big Hollywood movie studio. Matt is as ecstatic as she is, but also increasingly shocked and bewildered by his developing feelings for this woman he has never met, because he is gay.

Rose too, has sexual fantasies about the hot new writer who writes for the same publishing company. Only problem is, Matt is gay, but then again, so is Rose whose real name is Thomas!

Sternly warned by her publisher not to reveal her true identity to the man she is falling hard and fast for, Rose and Matt both ponder what seems like an improbable romance...or is it true love?

Will their dreams be fulfilled or shattered when they finally meet at a romance writers' conference in Honoluluat the exotic, mysterious and utterly romantic BLACK POINT.... 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.00