Services Rendered

Lauren Carr meets John McAllen when a Reenactment accident happens to one of the actors. As they work together to save his life, John becomes attracted to Lauren, though he sees warning flags that there are issues in her eyes. Despite that, he asks her out on a date, through her best friend who is sitting right next to her! As the date progresses, they learn all about each other. He's a High School teacher, she's a nurse, he likes to tie up women and make love to them all night. The date is moving along great until John mentions the military; then Lauren turns white as a sheet and tries to leave. John gets her to stay and tries to get her to tell him what went wrong. As they leave the restaurant, a car backfires and Lauren hits the deck and covers her head. She has PTSD. Will John stay and try to figure her out and help her? Or will he cut his losses now?

I enjoyed this book, as with her other books, Diana Hunter tells a wonderful tale along with some leg-crossing erotica. I certainly wouldn't mind having John for a Dom. The plot line was well written and I love the way the PTSD is handled as with the real life struggles going on, we see so much of this, and John is a wonderful hero in the end. A great book! I can’t wait until the next book Diana!

Book Blurb for Services Rendered

This book is loosely tied to characters from Secret Submission and Submission Revealed.

Recently back from Iraq, Lauren Carr is still trying to put her life together. Her best friend sets her up on a date with an incredibly sexy man who promises to tie her down and make love to her all night long. His offer intrigues her, piques her interest in the submissive lifestyle she’s so curious about. This strong, dominant man might be just what she needs.

John McAllen is an ex-Marine who has put his demons to rest. He has a successful career and friends who share his kink. The beautiful Lauren, who was so capable in a crisis, turns out to have PTSD. In spite of his desire, he isn’t sure he wants to deal with her damaged psyche. He needs a woman who can submit to his control, to his passion for ropes and chains and floggers. To his every sexual demand.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50