Seducing the Regency Dom

So, I'm a big fan of Raven's, and she knows this. What Raven also knows is that Regency romance to me is pretty much akin to having my teeth pulled. But I told her I'd give it a try for her. What do you know, I really, really liked this book.

Susanna is determined not to let her mother marry her off to produce an heir and a spare just because it's what's expected of her. Even if it is to whom she wanted. So she sets about going after Tony in her own way, he just happens to turn the tables on her.

This was totally enjoyable and a fast paced read that I absolutely got into, which I wasn't expecting. Even if you’re not a fan of period romance, this still packs enough oomph and sex appeal to draw the contemporary erotica fan. This is definitely a keeper!

Book Blurb for Seducing the Regency Dom

What more could a Regency Dom ask for? A beautiful young lady begs him not to offer for her, and then when he agrees, she turns the tables and seduces him.

It all sounded too good to be true, especially when her ideas of seduction include him dominating her.

Susanna might want Tony, but not for her parents—or his terms. She won't settle for less than everything. She knows Tony's desires and needs. All she has to do is persuade him that her cravings mesh with his.

Be Warned: BDSM, wax play

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 4.50