Inviting the Devil

Danea signs a one year contract with fashion designer Kalem Ostarizo for a chance to be the Fashion model she's always wanted to be, but right from the beginning, things with Kalem aren't what she expects. He has her strip naked as he measures her and he expects her to obey his every order, his every whim. And it gets stranger from there.

While the writing in this was good, I could not identify with the characters. I never connected with either Danea or Kalem, I found him to be cruel and found Danea to be someone who made no sense to be doing any of the things she was doing.

Book Blurb for Inviting the Devil

Was it normal for a fashion designer to ask a new model to strip so he could inspect her from head to toe to get a feel for her shape, size and sensitivities?

Bumping into her boss, causing her portfolio to fall and the drawings she’d secretly worked on during her breaks to scatter was accidental. But oh, what a welcome accident. Danea’s career dreams are realized when the man she’s drooled over and fantasized about for two years while working in administration wants to see all her sketches.

Not only does Kalem Ostarizo, the world’s top fashion designer, hire her for his design team, but wants her to model for House of Ostarizo. Danea happily signs a one-year contract for each position but is shocked when she finds out the obedience clause she agreed to involves more than just obeying the rules.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.00