Bound by Darkness

Bound by Darkness is one of those books that is difficult to put down once you have started it, and I didn't. I ended up reading this in one sitting, staying up late to do so. Buffy Christopher did an amazing job with this one! The characters were amazing and I got drawn right into this story. Poor Lila has had a rough go of it in life and you can't help but feel happy for her when she meets Drake, but then the plot twists and turns start up again and the reader can't help but want to help be a part of putting an end to the bad guys, (oh yes, I said bad guys!) themselves! This is definitely one of those rare books to put in the keeper pile we all have. And I know I'll be re-reading it again. Kudos, I'm pretty good at seeing those pesky little aha moments at the end when you couldn't see it coming, and I have to admit, I didn't!

Book Blurb for Bound by Darkness

Lila Anderson’s is having visions of murdered women in the back alleys of San Francisco through the eyes of a man. She’s supposed to be a dominatrix, not a psychic! The man is Drake Bennett. Drake leads a solitary life as a vampire and when Lila invades his mind he wants her out.

Then a known murderer kidnaps Lila, and uses her life experience in bondage and domination to break her and turn her against Drake. Will the deep feelings of desire she has for Drake and their psychic link be enough to save Lila before it’s too late?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.75