Born To Be Wild

Alexandra Carlson is a Vampire Hunter, born into a family of hunters. She finds herself on her first solo mission, to track down a rogue vamp. But to do this, she'll need the help of sexy, enigmatic vampire enforcer Stefin Marin.

Together, they must hunt down a dangerous rogue who is only part of a plan being hatched to cause even bigger problems in the human and Vamp communities. But Stefan, who has become wearied of life after 400 years, has finally found the woman who has awoken all of his desires.

I really enjoyed reading this book and probably will do so again. Be warned there are some BDSM elements here as these vampires crave it due to the whole control aspect, yes, they like the control. This is well written, and you can't help but want to see Alex and Stefan get together, defeat the villains, and have the whole happy ever after. Granted, they have a psychotic ex-girlfriend of Stefan's to contend with, and like a bad penny, she keeps popping back up. But like all good love stories, it has a great ending!

Book Blurb for Born To Be Wild

Alexandra Carlton, Alex to her friends, the only girl born into a family of vampire hunters with strict rules. She lives and hunts by the Code. Despite insecurities and self-esteem issues about her appearance, she eagerly tracks a rogue vamp carrying a contagious virus, deadly to vampires and humans alike, to prove her worth, to her family and herself.

Alex meets Stefan Marin, a brooding 500 year old vampire. He helps her not only on her quest but tames her wildest passions and discovers the true beauty within her, the beauty he can't help but fall in love with.

Together, Alex and Stefan break all the rules uncovering more than a virus— hot sex, an uptight FBI Special Agent, spanking, hot sex, a nosy, meddling brother, more hot sex, bondage and submission, murder, and bad vampires.

Will their love survive the wild side they were born to live?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50