Unlicensed to Kill Book 1

"Bloodlust" is the first book in Ravenna Tate’s new series Unlicensed to Kill. This is an offshoot of her Demons on Wheels MC series. Our unlikely hero is Digger, an assassin who works for and is the nephew of mob boss Donnie from the Demons series.

Digger finds himself in love with the daughter of Anthony LoPresti, another boss that he’s been doing work for. Emmi is newly single thanks to her boyfriend moving across the country, and though she’s attracted to Digger, she hates that he’s a contract killer. But Emmi’s parents like to play matchmaker, and one night at dinner, Digger kisses Emmi under the mistletoe. Can he show Emmi he’s more than his job?

I just loved Digger when I first read about him, and I’m so happy to see that he’s gotten his HEA with Emmi. So far, this series rocks!

Book Blurb for Bloodlust

Daniel Basile, known to everyone as Digger, has loved Emmi LoPresti from afar most of his adult life. She’s the youngest daughter of Mob boss Tony LoPresti, for whom Digger has done extensive work. But Emmi wants nothing to do with him because he’s a contract killer. When her long time boyfriend moves across the country without her, ending their relationship, Digger sees his chance. But Emmi is no easy conquest.

During a snowstorm shortly after the holidays, Digger is at the LoPresti home for dinner with Emmi’s family. He wastes no time in letting her know he hasn’t given up on possessing her, but she tells him in no uncertain terms nothing will ever happen between them.

Until he kisses her later that night under the mistletoe in the upstairs hallway. But is this only sex? Or can the woman of his unending desires learn to love him?

#BBW #HEA / Be Warned: anal sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 5.00