A Gift for Adam

A Gift for Adam was a very fast read and entertaining read. It’s a short at around 70 pages and just perfect for a short break.
Evie made a gag Christmas gift for Christie, her best friend, of seven embroidered thongs, but then accidentally switched the wrapped present with the tie she’d picked out for Adam at work, a notorious womanizer. When he opens it at the company Christmas party, she can’t believe it, and neither can he. He invites her to dinner to see if she’s as interesting as the thongs indicate, and they have such a good time that he asks her to the Classic Cars New Year’s party. 
Meanwhile, Christie gives Evie a makeover for Christmas, and hits on Evie in an experimental fashion. Evie thanks her for the interest, but says until Adam is no longer the picture, she’s not going to explore with Christie, and she urges Christie not to wait for her. After the New Year’s party, Evie and Adam go to the hotel room Adam’s reserved and curl up for three days of sex, cuddling, and laughter, with brief breaks of food, sleep, and bowling. Evie enjoys herself, but is sure that Adam is only looking for a good time, and sooner rather than later he’ll be off hustling some other woman. Adam knows that this has been his modus operandi in the past, but isn’t sure that’s what he still wants. Maybe he wants something more. Sadly, Christie does not make another appearance.

Book Blurb for A Gift for Adam

Home and Garden assistant manager Evie Strand has painstakingly embroidered a set of seven thongs as a gag gift for her best friend—only she brought the wrong box to the store Christmas party, and now Adam Grant from Automotive is holding them up for everyone to see: Kiss my…, Tight Fit—could things get any worse? Adam may seem like a total rake, but he can tell Evie’s deeply embarrassed and he resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?

This is a re-release.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.25