Undiplomatic Relations

Kady Elliott has her eyes opened in the worst way about the Federation she has served and loved. During an assignment with children that have been left homeless from the loss of their parents, Kady witnesses a murder of those same children and one very special little girl. The only recourse is to reunite with her ex-lover working for the rebellion, Shane Triglio. In the past Shane tried to wake Kady up to the federation atrocities but she chose her duty over their love.

This was a hard read for me. The synopsis made this seem like a story that readers could delve in and enjoy. Instead it was filled with campy lines between the hero and heroine about "watch my phasers now buddy" or "I'll blast you out of the sky if it's the last thing I do" In additional to the bad dialogue the relationship between the Kady and Shane was difficult to read. It didn't feel as if there was any true character development. Add in a plot that wasn't well written and this left me having to rate this as honestly as possible with 2.0

Book Blurb for Undiplomatic Relations

In the 26th century, Major Kady Elliott witnesses a heartless massacre of innocent children. Deeply disillusioned and troubled, she escapes the evil murderer, Emperor Lukas. She vows to stop him, so she defects from the Federation and goes in search of the rebel forces hoping to join their ranks.

But that’s not so easily done. Not only was she a high-ranking officer in the Federation, she’s the ex-lover of the rebel commander, Admiral Shane Trigilio. And Shane’s more than a little bitter about her supposed betrayal of him. To rebuild his trust, he demands she follow his every command…

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Chances Are anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 2.00