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Safe Words & Spells

2 Novels - Law & Disorder/Moonlight's Edge

In Law & Disorder, the writer tells us a story of a woman unclear in who she is, but like all of us, seeks love everlasting and a happy ending. Miranda is quite beautiful has no problem with being naked as she models easily for various students of art. A married 6'2 hunk who has been servicing Miranda's heating unit for 3 years, Patrick decides he can no longer hold back his deep attraction. Even though she knows it's wrong to be involved with a married man, Miranda gives in easily and is erotically charged by his aggressive behavior during their first encounter. Still, during class the next day, Miranda makes eye contact with Michael, a part-time artist and full-time cop. They both know there is to be no interaction with students and models, yet they agree to meet later. Miranda knows that this is the one as she learns who she is and surrenders to her submissive side. Indeed some of the fantasies she has dreamed about are about come true.

Ms. Pita has written several other novels about the BDSM lifestyle, but this book is my first introduction. I was immediately intrigued by her smooth wording and obvious knowledge about submissive behavior. As the story goes on and I got to know Miranda, I was surprised at how easily I could relate to the way she felt about her sexuality. All of the characters in this book drew me in to who they were, and how they helped to shape Miranda. During some of the scenes the feelings were explosive as she expected the punishment from her lover, Michael, for not telling him of the previous sexual relationship with Patrick. For him, it wasn't that she had sex, it was that she lost the courage to tell him. We watch as she embraces her beating, not wanting to lose Michael for her foolish infidelity. Eventually, Miranda understands, with the help of her friend, Sarah that Michael is not upset that she had sex with another man, but more with the fact that she wasn't honest about wanting to explore her needs with another man then telling him about it. As the story unfolds, we see how easily Miranda falls into submissiveness even when faced with a potential dangerous situation with his father. The way this wonderful story was told, many who are not openly in the lifestyle will wonder if this book could be about you, and your own eventual journey into submissiveness. I highly recommend this story and will be talking about it for some time.

Moonlight's Edge - Moonlight's Edge is the second story in this anthology of erotic promise from the same author. We meet Sofia who has just broken up with her boyfriend. After also losing her best friend to a heart attack, Sofia is flabbergasted to find that he left her a magnificent 20 acre estate in Louisiana. She eagerly moves in and soon begins to experience sinful and erotic dreams of being sexually dominated by a vampire. Strangely, she wakes up from one of her intense dreams one morning and notices a strange bite on her neck.

This author continues to amaze her fantasies and eventual realization that Robert, the stranger next door, is meant to dominate her just like the man in her dreams. We embrace the pain and pleasure as the two soon fall helplessly in love. Some of the scenes are quite intense, but fit in well with where the story wants to lead us. Sofia is a little afraid of the intensity she sees in Robert's eyes yet holds her breath with anticipation as he takes her to extreme heights of sensuality. She wants to please her, "lord" above all else. Her pure need overwhelms her and we feel it, too, as her dreams begin to come true. The writer makes us believe that if we dream and want something badly enough, we'll get our wish.

This entire book flowed so effortlessly that I was able to understand the mind of a submissive and how easy it is to be drawn to a sexually dominant man. Haven't we all experienced dreams or desires of being with a man who isn't afraid of his masculinity and telling us what it we really want in a re

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00