Roughing It

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Roughing It

Asia Kendall has been looking for the perfect man to fulfill her special sexual needs and decides to visit the Midnight Lounge. She may not get totally satisfied, but she’s pretty sure to get a quickie at least. Asia is curiously stunned when the two handsome men at the proposition her, but not for themselves. They want to surprise their best friend Ritter with a birthday gift he’ll never forget and will pay her to be his sexual slave.   Intrigued, she gives it some thought as she gets more information on who Ritter is. She is flabbergasted when she realizes he’s famous baseball player who is now retired and unmarried. Intrigued, she accepts their offer.
Wow! Vonna Harper knows just how to turn a wonderful fantasy into a story of passion and exploration. She has created a masterfully secure man eager to teach Asia how to realize her dream of being the perfect submissive eager for a little rough love. Ritter has met many women in his life, but none have been able to give him what he wants in a relationship. Asia has been seeking the Mr. Right, but it seemed as if he wasn’t out there. The chemistry between these two characters is explosive and it’s quite clear that they “get” each other. The tale was believably written, as all of Ms. Harper’s books are, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. For those of you that enjoy plain vanilla ice cream, this book may not be for you. In fact, the sizzling sex and adventurous scenes forced me to keep the ice cubes near while reading this wickedly naughty book. But if variety and a little more spice are what you crave to shake things up a little, Roughing It is a keeper for your shelf.

Book Blurb for Roughing It

A grand for a night's "work". Not bad at all. But money's not the real motivation. Living out a forbidden fantasy is. Yet the moment businesswoman Asia Kandell allows Ritter's buddies to wrap her nude, eager body in red rope, she's forced to ask herself what the heck she's gotten herself into. Granted, Ritter is both a famous ex-professional baseball player and a class-A hunk, but what insanity made her agree to be the main and only course at his birthday party, with a libido that's in danger of short-circuiting?

As for Ritter, what red-blooded man could keep his hands off the deliciously naked bow-tied package waiting for him in this made-for-sex hotel room? Not him.

Sometimes a man gets exactly the gift he asks for.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.00