Hit and Miss

Book one in the Sexy Mythconceptions Series - Light Bondage/BDSM

Katherine Toomy "Kat" is amazed at how long she's lived in Darling Harbour without experiencing the breathtaking scenery of the Seaview Caf‚. Eating a good meal is important of course, but they also can't help but notice the yummy yacht owners in the area. Gorgeous Gabe Carpenter is hard at work on his computer over at the next table, when his view is obstructed by the very cute Kat. Not paying attention to proper etiquette, Gabe demands that she stop blocking his view. She can't believe his rudeness, and slowly goes back to her seat. Okay, he's tall, dark and handsome with the most beautiful gray eyes, but that doesn't give him a license to be so mean. Clearly, there is some sexual heat between these two strangers that we look forward to exploring. Unable to hide his amusement, Gabe blatantly continues to sit close enough to hear Kat and her friends' entire conversation as they plan a steamy weekend that could include some light bondage.

Right away, we are taken in with the playful interaction between Kat and Gabe. Embarrassed at first, Kat doesn't mind that he knows her fantasy of trying a little bondage. Gabe is not exactly who he leads us to believe as a few naughty secrets start to unfold. The authors tell us an absolutely adorable love story that will keep you laughing and scratching your head in disbelief. I could actually imagine being friends with Gabe and Kat because they are such wonderful characters. We enjoy watching these two in and out of the bedroom. The BDSM isn't hardcore and no one is experiencing any emotional or serious physical pain. No, we definitely see a book that is geared more toward the experience of some naughty erotic pleasures. There may even be a few things you'd like to try once you're able to put the book down. The authors had me absolutely convinced that Kat and Gabe belong together. Even better, I thought the plot was totally phenomenal and one of the best I've seen. I'm not kidding. The conclusion to this teasing tale totally surprised me and had me giggling like a schoolgirl! Go out and get this book right away for an enjoyable read.

Anything Else: This book is rated e-burning for its sexual content.

Book Blurb for Hit and Miss

Book one in the Sexy Mythconceptions Series

Nothing like a little foray into BDSM to make a girl feel good about herself.

When Kat Toomy discovers her lover cavorting on her bed in her underwear with his best buddy, she knows it's time to kick his butt out of there and go looking for something to restore her confidence in herself.

Kat's girlfriends offer her a weekend away on a tropical Australian resort that specialises in fulfilling fantasies and she's all for it, particularly when she meets her new Master, Gabe Carpenter, who can turn her on with the flick of a button.

But how will Kat and Gabe feel when they find out they've been set up?

This book has both male and female dominance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00