Werewolf's Treasure

Book three in the Big City Pack series

Marisa Chenery brings some seriously sexy werewolves to the Great White North, but readers needn't worry about the cold because this was one scorching hot read. Soren was such an endearing hero, watching him struggle with his newfound connection was at times funny yet always charming. He was extremely appealing, especially when his vulnerabilities were revealed. He was easy to fall in love with. Treasure was such a strong heroine, almost nothing phased her and it was interesting to see her reaction to Soren's revelations. The chemistry between the two characters was solid; however I honestly would have liked to see the timeline extended just a little. The setting was wonderfully detailed and the supporting characters engaging.

While viewing an exclusive penthouse, Canadian werewolf Soren is blindsided when he meets his human mate. Treasure is reluctant to date a client, but she agrees to dinner because she wants to explore their connection. Now he needs to explain everything to her before he is overcome by the mating urge because once he gives in there is no turning back.

Book Blurb for Werewolf's Treasure

Treasure never dates clients. A rule that ensures repeat business in the real estate market. But when her sexy-as-all-get-out buyer hinges his offer of purchase on her willingness to have dinner with him, she wavers. If ever there was a reason to look the other way, this was it. The fact she can’t wait to see what wicked things he’ll do to her body is just an added bonus.

Soren hoped to secure a primo home when he arranged to view a penthouse. He didn’t expect to be taken to his knees by the scent of his would-be mate. Being in close proximity has his wolf clawing to get to her. Or get on her. He’s not picky. But it’s tricky with these mortals. Soren must find a way to let her know about his furry side without sending her screaming into the outskirts of Toronto. His mating urge will push his control to the limits—especially when Treasure takes every opportunity to get him to go all the way. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75