The Science of Lust

Club Dumonde Book 1

Erzabet Bishop spins a spicy, sexy tale with this paranormal romance. Grace Benedict is a curvy heroine, which is my favorite kind! Grace is a woman of courage and brains and an obvious sense of adventure. I love when the heroines do something that takes them out of their comfort zone because then you get to see how they handle things and Grace’s reactions were highly entertaining. And I totally was able to relate to her situation. Sometimes you just have to accept any job that falls into your lap. The sexy hero is definitely dreamy. I don’t want to give anything away but trust me, this vampire is definitely worthy of being the hero of a swift and erotic paranormal short. If you are looking for some adventure during your lunch break this is the perfect read for you.

Grace Benedict takes a new night-time job in a lab. The hours and location seem odd but the money is needed. She already assumes it’s going to be an unusual job but she had no idea what she was really in for. After all the thought of vampires never even entered her mind.

Book Blurb for The Science of Lust

One more carrot and someone is going to die...

When Grace Benedict takes a new job at an all-night lab, she knows it’s going to be a different kind of gig. What kind of lab is in the same building as a bondage club anyway? Sporting her new pencil skirt and heels, she’s raring to go—otherwise it's move back into her parents’ basement and that is so not going to happen. What she didn’t count on was the vampires.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2016 4.00