Love in One Night

A Prepper Romance

Rebecca Royce prepares readers for any outcome and delivers one fantastic prepper romance. Melanie is a fabulous heroine and I’ll admit that I was a little reluctant to read this new genre as I was positive I would find the lead characters a little too anal for my taste. However I loved how rational and approachable Melanie is, her reasonings are sound and I didn’t find her the least bit irrational or overly negative. Griffith comes on strong which might have seemed insincere if he weren’t so darn believable. This was a very fast paced story but I never once felt as if anything was compromised in order to keep up the speed. The lead couple have a genuine connection that builds and the action works with this connection for an enjoyable reading experience. I love the community the author created and I’d like to visit again, one character in particular has left me with so many questions and I’m dying to know his story. This is my first prepper romance and if they are all as good as this one it definitely won’t be my last!


Griffin needs to find stolen pharmaceuticals and when he traces the thief’s ex-wife down he knows it’s only a matter of time before he solves the case. Melanie is a woman who is solely dependent on herself and prepared for anything, except the arrival of the sexy sleuth looking for her ex and the explosive chemistry they have. Neither was expecting the strong connection they have found but can they make things work between them or is disaster imminent?

Book Blurb for Love in One Night

Melanie is a woman prepared for disaster. If the world as she knows it were to come grinding to a disastrous halt, her sustainable living community will be ready and able to take care of the people in their area. She doesn't have a man in her life anymore, but she has her daughter and that's enough.

Until a tall, dark stranger drives into her life.

Griffith is on a mission to find Melanie's ex-husband Victor, who has stolen a very expensive new drug from a pharmaceutical company. Griffith is a man who can find what others can't. He never backs down from a fight and he's never afraid—until he sees Melanie. She steals his breath and makes him wish for things he's never wanted before.

These two people are prepared for everything, except the depth of their own need for one another.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00