Living is Overrated

The Edge Series / Zombies in Vegas – Book Three

Olivia Starke jumps right into the action with this super sexy short. I must say that if this is the result of having my luggage stolen then I’m all for it! Detective Nick Rodriguez is a fantasy come to life! He’s gorgeous and who can resist a man in uniform? I’d say Kelly is one lucky girl when he offers her a room for the night. And she just keeps getting luckier as the night progresses. This is a fabulous break from your everyday; great to read on your break at the office, only be sure the air conditioning is working! Being a huge Vegas junky I wish we had gotten a glimpse of Sin City or some of its elements. I enjoyed the fact that this was a zombie tale with a twist and that I was kept in suspense until the ending, in fact I was so caught up that I had actually forgotten it was an undead story.

Book Blurb for Living is Overrated

Sex is better when you’re one of the undead...

When her luggage is stolen at the Las Vegas airport, Kelly finds herself stranded and broke. Lucky for her, sexy Detective Nick Rodriguez offers her a room for the night. And when he whips out the handcuffs, she is ready to offer gratitude for his hospitality all night long.

Of course, when in Vegas the party doesn’t stop even if someone wakes up dead….

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50