Daddy's Boss

Sam Crescent is my definite go to for steamy, sexy shorts and she never disappoints. Lori Kinsley and Dawg Hampshire are a couple that set sparks off on my eReader. Lori is a proud woman who has had some major challenges in her life. I enjoyed just how confident she was with her body and her situation. She took everything in stride and didn’t lie even in her own thoughts. I wish I could have even half of her strength. Dawg’s actions could have completed alienated Lori and myself as the reader however it was his follow up that endeared him to me. By no means was he what anyone would consider sweet, but he definitely had a soft spot for Lori. As readers I believe we all have a voyeuristic streak in us, I know I do and I definitely enjoyed the arousing club scene.

This is one of those fabulous stories that take you away from your everyday, leaving you feeling slightly flushed and definitely feeling better.

The Story: Lori Kinsley is used to paying the price for her reckless and often criminal father’s behaviour. But he’s gone too far now and landed her at the mercy of Dawg Hampshire. Dawg has bided his time and finally made a move. Now he just has to convince Lori she belongs to him.

Book Blurb for Daddy's Boss

Lori Kinsley is tired of trying to save her father. He gets into one mess after another, and it’s only because she promised her dying mother that she’d keep an eye on him that Lori helps him. He’s now stolen from one of the most dangerous men in the city, Dawg Hampshire, and it’s up to Lori to pay the price.

What does Dawg want? Simple, he wants her.

Dawg has been planning this from the first moment he saw Lori. When she agrees to belong to him, he doesn’t intend to scare her off. He’s in this for forever. He’s seen the darkness in her eyes and intends to find out what put it there. When he learns the truth and Lori’s biggest secret, Dawg knows he will do everything in his power to protect her so she never has to witness that kind of brutality again.

But can Lori allow herself to fall in love with a man who kills? Does she even want to? And when Dawg’s “business” puts her life is in danger, will Lori pick the safety of Dawg’s arms, or leave him?


Be Warned: anal sex, voyeurism

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00