Sex on the Slopes

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Sex on the Slopes

Fire and Ice Andi Radcliffe, the wedding planner, is awakened by the sounds of a fire alarm. She rushes out of the resort with the other guest to make sure that wedding party is safe and sound. Barely conscious that she runs outside in the snow with her skimpy sleep clothes, she is rescued by Jared, a sexy firefighter. Jared is every woman’s dream and he is ready to get down to some bedroom action with Andi. The chemistry between them is sky high but there is one catch. He wants to only stay in the bed with Andi. He lost his wife and true love three years ago. The pain is deep and he is not willing to let go of his late wife. He just wants a little fun and Andi is not the kind of girl who wants a one-night stand.

I enjoyed this short story the chemistry between Andi and Jared is HOT and heavy at times. I wanted to beat the crap out of Jared a few times; I know he lost his wife but come on... Drop it and move on already lol... I felt as if there were three main characters. I did like the ending of this story, some short stories have an ending that is left hanging or ends very weird but this ending was just right. 4 out of 5

Slippery Slope Brianna George is Tom’s boss and the only one from their job invited to the wedding. Though she is supposed to be having down time, she is still about business until she meets a sexy Aussie ski instructor, Zach. He gets her on the slopes and from there everything gets a bit slippery. Zach is hot and younger but he knows that there is something there with Brianna.

I LOVED this story, I really got into Zach and Brianna’s story. She is a bit uptight and reserve but her wild side comes out whenever Zach is around and he pushes her buttons to the max. Brianna tried to keep their relationship hush hush at first afraid it may interfere with her job. Zach eventually peels back her guard and she reveals why she was guarded revealing her true self. Brianna finds out Zach just might be who she needs in her life. I loved this story~!!!!!! 5 out of 5

In Hot Pursuit of a Bad Boy Tom’s little sister, Maddie has always had a thing for his friend, Logan. He is the fantasy of her childhood dreams. Once upon a time he kissed her and she thought that he would be around forever but he leaves town and doesn’t return until it is time for Tom’s wedding. Now Maddie seeks this opportunity to seduce Logan and get him to see her as an adult. Logan is a bad boy hottie with the attitude to match. He has always liked Maddie as well but seeing her this time as an adult is really tempting. There is some secrets that Logan harbors and he don’t want Maddie involved but she refuses to back down and launches her full blown seduction on him and how can he back down from that.

Honestly I did not get into this story. It was a little off from the beginning to the end. Maddie and Logan’s romance at first was hot then it kind of disappeared and Logan’s secret was not that bad. I don't know, I just got lost in this story lol.... just too much going on.... I rate this story by itself as a 1 out of 5 for me.

Book Blurb for Sex on the Slopes

Get ready to melt with the latest sizzling novel by the author of Sex on the Beach...

Wedding planner Andi Radcliffe wants to be a man's "first and only," yet she can't take her eyes-or hands-off sexy firefighter Jared, a widower who's already loved and lost. Though she doesn't want to be any man's second choice, their secret rendezvous are setting off all the right alarms.

Brianna George, the groom's boss and friend, is the celebrity host of a TV talk show. She's all about business-until Zack, a hot young Aussie ski instructor, shows her the sexy side of life. But will their secret romance jeopardize her career?

Maddie Daniels, the groom's little sister, always had a thing for his bad-boy friend Logan. Seeing him again after so many years, she won't miss her chance to prove she's all grown up...and find out just how a good a bad boy Logan really is.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00