Mating Call

The Immortal Council Book 4

Mating Call tells the story of Animal Elf Lillian, who is a holder. A Holder is someone who holds the emotions of the population of her colony. It's also about Henry, a wolf who is her guardian, who watches over her while she suffers holding others emotions. A holder is very rare in this new take on elves and werewolves that I found totally refreshing and very entertaining. From the start we learn of Lillian and her discovery of what she is, and what her role is going to be. I felt that Ms. Breazile did an excellent job of describing poor Henry's emotions when he was trapped as a wolf, and I felt the split of the wolf and man was well done! With twists and turns I was not expecting, the story is well written, informative but not so descriptive that you lose interest. I cannot wait to read more from this author!!

Book Blurb for Mating Call

A voice or a wolf can stake the claim, but it takes an immortal heart seal the deal.

His voice calls to her in a place where she cannot deny it. It excites her so she doesn't want to deny it. She will deny it all to save her principles. He wants her, his wolf won't leave her. He will give her what she needs, whether she likes it or not.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75